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​Do you need repair, replacement, or another service for your asphalt, metal, or slate shingles? Look no further than Top Notch Roofing in San Antonio, TX. Our business consists of certified local roofers in San Antonio TX, who are dedicated to completing high-quality work. Learn more about the services we offer to residential and commercial customers in San Antonio, TX and the benefits of enlisting our professional help.

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Why Choose Top Notch Roofing   



To begin each service, Top notch Roofing Representative completes a comprehensive inspection of the roof to evaluate any damage to the property.

After the inspection is complete, you will receive a report and a free estimate of the recommended services to help you make an informed decision.

Contact our friendly roofers in San Antonio, today to get started and schedule a  inspection with our local San Antonio location.


Storm Damage 

( Hail & Wind) 

Most storm Damage could be covered under your home owner insurance policy. During the inspection, a Top Notch Roofing Representative will determine if there is damage, such as hail & wind damage, that may warrant an insurance claim.
Our experienced roofers in San Antonio TX, can help you facilitate your claim with your insurance agency. Our goal is to keep the process efficient and hassle-free.


Competitive and Transparent Pricing

At Top Notch Roofing, we strive to provide our customers with competitive and transparent pricing for their roofing needs. We understand that it can be difficult to compare quotes from different roofing contractors, which is why we provide our customers with a detailed quote that clearly outlines the cost of materials, labor, and any additional services such as warranty coverage. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and value at the most competitive price. 

Top Notch Roofing is a full Service Roofing Company

In the San Antonio, TX and surrounding area.

As a family-owned, full-service roofing company in San Antonio, Texas, our goal is to provide comprehensive roofing services while offering complete customer support.

Seeking home improvements or roofing services may be stressful for a homeowner.

Our general contractor team can help you complete your San Antonio roofing project easily, efficiently, and for an affordable price.


Why you need Roofing Services in
San Antonio, TX

Here at Top Notch Roofing, our team in San Antonio, TX is in the business of all things roof-related. Our contractors complete roof repair, replacement, and other services to improve the look and function of your building’s covering.

Wondering how recruiting our local contractors in San Antonio, TX can benefit you? Check out all the reasons why you need professional roofing services.

  • Prevent Leaks

A covering with a small leak can quickly become a much larger problem. It’ll create water damage and lead to problems like mold and mildew growth. The structure may even begin to cave in if you don’t have a local roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX address the issue. When you call our business today, we’ll inspect your structure, detect leaks, and implement effective solutions.

  • Keep Pests away

Sub-par coverings can invite unwanted insects and rodents into your home or business. The infestation of these critters can create health concerns and compromise your property’s structural integrity. When you recruit a local roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX to patch up your covering, you can prevent pests from invading your property. Get in touch with our business today to keep pests at bay!


  • Save Energy

Are there some gaps in between your building’s shingles? While these holes may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to significant losses of energy. Heat will escape during the cold winter months, and heat will find its way inside during the hot summer months. To save on their energy bills, homes and businesses must enlist the help of local roofing companies. Roofing companies can pinpoint these problem areas and repair them effectively.

Don’t allow your energy bills to rise anymore. Call our business and speak to a qualified contractor in San Antonio, TX. We’ll make the necessary repairs and get your covering back in working condition.

  • Prolong the Life of Shingle Roof

Things are bound to go wrong with your structure at one point or another. It is outside, after all — it’ll succumb to the elements, including harsh storms and the sun’s relentless rays. It’s essential to get a contractor to stay on top of regular maintenance. Otherwise, you risk inheriting costly repairs (and you might even need to purchase a new roof prematurely).
But when homes and businesses enlist roofing companies to perform routine maintenance, they can keep their structures in excellent condition.

Top Notch Roofing Services in
San Antonio, TX

Roof Installation and Replacements
San Antonio, TX

Whether you have a new construction project or your existing roof needs to be fully replaced, we can install your new roof efficiently. We guarantee that you will be extremely happy with your new roof. Thats why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
For residential single-family homes, our roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX can remove your old roof and replace it with the new roof materials in as little as one day.
During an inspection, a professional general contractor will evaluate the integrity of the old roof as well as the existing decking, ventilation, and health of the roof. If any of this is compromised, it will be replaced during the roof replacement to ensure the strength and longevity of your new roof.
We focus on building roofs that are durable, long-lasting, and look amazing. We will work with you to determine the best roofing material to suit your home, property, and roofing needs.

Roofer San Antonio

Roof Repair
San Antonio, TX

Has your covering in San Antonio, TX fallen victim to hail damage or general storm damage? You shouldn’t neglect the destruction, as it can lead to significant safety issues.

Our roofers in San Antonio, TX will send out a contractor to your property to perform the necessary roof repairs. Whether your San Antonio home needs a leak repair or new flashing, our team will make the necessary adjustments. We can perform roof repairs on any type of structure, including tile and metal roofing.

Request an inspection to get a free estimate of the roofing repair to your San Antonio home. 


Roofing shingles

Roofing Ventilation
San Antonio, TX

Proper roof ventilation regulates a building's temperature and humidity levels. It helps reduce energy bills, and build up of stagnate air in the attic.

While other roofing companies may overlook this important aspect of a project, our team understands the significance of proper roof ventilation. With every roof installation or replacement, our roofers optimize roof ventilation to promote airflow and regulate the interior temperature.

Roofer San Antonio

Storm Damage
San Antonio, TX 

 Here in Texas the area  is susceptible to tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, that include Hail Storms. These storms can severely damage your home or business from hail, water, and wind damage.

Our roofing contractors can expertly and efficiently complete roof repairs, siding repairs,  window repairs, and seamless gutters. Having your home damaged by a storm or severe weather can be frustrating and frightening but our team of experts are here to help. 

Roof damaage

Gutters & Downspouts
San Antonio, TX 

When it comes to roofing in San Antonio TX, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of gutters and downspouts. These devices draw water away from your home or business and prevent it from pooling at the foundation. If your building in San Antonio lacks gutters and downspouts (or has damaged ones), you should hire roofing Top Notch Roofing for installation services.

Gutters San Antonio Tx

Asphalt Shingle Roofs
San Antonio, TX 

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in Texas because they are durable and cost-effective.

We offer a large variety for residential and commercial use that vary in color, style, and durability. Our suppliers offer specialty shingles with algae protection and impact resistance to prevent damage and extend the life of your new roof.

Our professional roofing contractors can help you determine what type of shingle will best serve your home or business's roof.

Roofing San Antonio

Premium Roofing Materials


A large part of producing high-quality roofs for our clients is using top-rated, premium roofing materials that are durable and long-lasting. We never cut corners - all of our materials, from nails and glue to superior asphalt shingles, are of superior quality.

We have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers such as Owens Corning, GAF, IKO, and CertainTeed. Our roofers are brand certified to ensure the best warranties possible for our clients.

When you complete your upcoming roofing project in San Antonio, TX, with us, you can count on your new roof being built the right way with the best materials.

Historic Prject .jpeg

We do Historical Roofs 

Historical roofs require care, keen attention to detail, and craftsmanship from a highly experienced contractor. We restore historical roofs throughout Texas to bring your specific property back to its full potential.
Our goal is to ensu
re the building is safe and strong while keeping its historic appearance and charm intact.

San Antonio Roofer

Roofers You can trust 

Our Promise to You and You Family 

We Will Always Give You 5 Star Service, Workmanship, And Materials That Exceed Your Expectations!


​We Realize That Selecting A Roofing Contractor Can Be A Very Difficult Process. Here At Top Notch Roofing, We Promise To Make The Process A Breeze.


At Top Notch Roofing, we strive to be different in the roofing industry. We treat your home like it belonged to our family. That means we spend extra time during inspections.


We only use the best roofers who are certified by the manufacturers for the best warranty possible. We are storm damage restoration specialists with years of experience in construction, serving Killeen  and Central Texas.

We use the highest quality roofing materials.

Contact Us Now And Our Friendly Staff Will Answer All Your Questions And Get The Process Started For You Today.

Superior Customer Service

From the initial free estimates to your completed roofing job, our responsive and professional general contractor team will facilitate your next roofing project with minimal stress and a friendly smile.

Search "Roofing Companies Near Me"  and let our reviews speak for themselves. 

Our Happy Customers

Outstanding work by this company. Steven and his workers did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this company and this team.

Kenneth Duff

Top Notch Roofing Credentials

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